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February Calendar Raffle!

Thank you for supporting our talented kids!
Congratulations to all winners:

  1. Collette Jolliffe

  2. Bernie Nangle

  3. Kimber Leuteritz

  4. Stacy Wilkens

  5. Russ Martin

  6. Diana Vincent

  7. Andrew Freeston

  8. Tracy Carracedo

  9. Andrew Freeston

  10. Glen Watson

  11. Liz Martin

  12. Joe Pricipato

  13. Brandi Gilardi

  14. Soon Wan

  15. Katie Murphy

  16. Laura Powers

  17. Lisa Gilbert

  18. Robert Girard

  19. Laura Powers

  20. Michael McNamara

  21. Mary Soboleski

  22. Megan Canella

  23. Liz Martin

  24. Sandy Worozio

  25. Charley Loney

  26. Soon Wan

  27. Janet Robbins

  28. Erica Noviello


Raffle winners and their student seller will be notified daily throughout the month, and cash prizes mailed.

Cash prizes between $50-200!


  • Students who are WMAA members will earn 100% of calendar sales ($10 for each calendar sold) directly into their individual account which can be applied to reduce the cost of trip(s)/events.

  • You must be a WMAA member to have an account and sell calendars.

  • Individual accounts are monitored by the WMAA treasury and can be used towards the Hawaii trip and other school-sponsored music activities.

  • Following the conclusion of calendar sales on 12/15/22, the WMAA will inform individual members of their account balances and will apply individual raffle earnings to credit member accounts. 

  • Individual calendar purchasers who win prizes will be informed by WMAA throughout the month of February and awarded their cash prize(s) by WMAA.

  • Unlimited chances to win! Names of prize winners will be returned to the pool for more chances to win!

Image by Claudio Schwarz

Instructions for Selling Tickets:

  • WMAA student members will be provided a packet of calendar raffles by their teacher or Fine Arts Director.

  • Purchaser of each ticket will fill out the bottom portion of the calendar (PLEASE PRINT) and return it to the student seller with $10 donation - cash or check (made out to WMAA).

  • After student sells all calendars in packet (10 per packet), all calendar stubs and donations are returned to the Director of Fine Arts- Susan Kalil.

  • Student seller may then request to receive an additional packet to sell.

  • Calendar sales end 12/15/22.

  • Each day of February, a winner will be picked and notified by the fundraising coordinator. WMAA will mail prizes to winners. Names drawn will be put back in the drawing box for additional chances to win.

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