Ticket price $20


Drawing to be held February 8th during the Gala.

Winner to receive 50% of all ticket sales!


  • Students who are WMAA members will earn $5 individual funds for each ticket sold.

  • $20 ticket sale = $5 to WMAA general fund, $5 to individual student's fund (with membership), and $10 towards the grand jackpot.

  • You must be a WMAA member to have an account.

  • Individual accounts are monitored by the WMAA treasury and can be used towards the Italy trip and other school-sponsored music activities.

  • Following the raffle drawing on February 8, 2019, the WMAA will inform individual members of their account balances and work with Education First (EF) Tours, the Italy travel company, to credit member accounts. 

  • If the member's tour has been paid in full, the member will receive a reimbursement check for the amount in the individual account. 

  • Non-member tickets will benefit the WMAA general fund ($20= $10 to WMAA general fund and $10 to jackpot).


Instructions for Selling Tickets:

  • Raffle tickets will be distributed to students by music teachers.

  • Students wishing to participate will be given an envelope of 10 tickets.

  • Students will sell tickets for $20 each.

  • Students will have buyer complete information on the ticket. 

  • Student gives buyer the small stub with ticket number and keeps the bigger half with ticket buyer's information.

  • The student adds the $20 and their half of ticket in the envelope provided.

  • Student returns the envelope of sold tickets and money to music teacher who will track this on a spreadsheet. *Parents may need to write check for total to WMAA. Students should check with teacher.*

  • Students can then get more tickets and repeat the above process. 

  • There is no limit to the number of tickets a student can sell.