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Students in the Windham School District are encouraged to sing in the music classroom from the time they enter Kindergarten. Throughout their time in elementary school at Golden Brook School and Windham Center School, they have the wonderful opportunity to sing in programs for the school and community. These programs include grade-wide concerts for veterans and spring performances. The official beginning of our choral program begins in grade five in the before or after school chorus. Once students enter Middle School, chorus is offered during the school day as a music elective and continues throughout high school. All students are welcome to join. The goal for all of these ensembles is to foster a love of singing and choral music.

As students progress in their musical education, opportunities to participate in festivals, adjudicated events, and travel rich in music curriculum increase. ​

Choir Candid 3.jpg

WMAA supports the students and these programs in various ways:

  • Financial support

  • Fundraising opportunities

  • Workshops with professional musicians

  • Volunteers

  • Advocacy for music education

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