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Programs We Support

Windham Musical Arts Association (WMAA) is a 501(c)(3) charitable parent booster organization that supports the study of music and theatre in the Windham School District. 

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Examples of WMAA support...

  • Sponsor musical events that include student workshops with professional musicians, such as Ball in the House (award-winning a cappella group) and Introduction (Chicago tribute band)

  • Provide financial assistance and student fundraising opportunities for musical field trips 

  • Supply pep band tailgate tent and food

  • Coordinate events such as the annual 8th Grade and High School Exchange Concert     

  • Provide student scholarships

  • Help distribute and collect band and choir tuxedos and dresses

  • Provide assistance with transportation needs to events

Scholarship Recipients

We are pleased to announce the Class of 2024 Windham Musical Arts

$500 Scholarship recipients...


Brendan Furtato

Ella Martin


Madi Johnson

Chloe Orlando

Finn Roach

Theater Stage:

Mason McGarry

Theater Technical Crew:

Isabel Gerstein


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